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New Label Announcement!

After the news that Pledge Music has gone into administration it has been a constant concern for us as to how it would be possible for us to release our second album ‘Rivers That Flow In Circles’. We have been in discussions with the Musicians Union who have confirmed that it’s incredibly unlikely that we will receive any of the money that our fans so generously paid to support the launch of the album, meaning not only we as a band, but also our fans would be left empty handed.

That’s why we’re delighted to announce that Static Caravan Records have handed us a lifeline and generously stepped in to save the release of this album. Thanks to the label we are finally able to move forwards from the nightmare of our experience with Pledge Music, two years of work has been saved and we are now able to move forward with getting the songs out there and finally letting you hear the music we’ve worked so hard on!

‘Rivers That Flow In Circles’ will be released on 20th September, shortly after our headline slot on the Lunar Stage at Moseley Folk Festival. A special thank you to Static Caravan for kindly allowing us to honour our pledges. If you supported the campaign more information will follow as soon as possible about when and how you will receive your purchases. Fulfilling these pledges will be at a loss to both the band and the label, but we feel it’s incredibly important to repay you for all of the support you’ve given us through these difficult months and thank Static Caravan for their understanding around this.

If you’ve not pledged, preorders for the album are now open through our store.

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