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Pledge Music Update

To all our valued Pledgers,

As we have previously communicated with you, we have been having difficulties with Pledge Music since the completion of our campaign - as of today we have not received a single penny of the money that you so kindly pledged to support us. It has now been confirmed that Pledge Music will be going into administration and their assets will be liquidated to pay off their creditors.

We have been in close contact with the Musician’s Union who will be taking our case forwards, but they have advised us that it is unlikely we will ever see the money that we worked hard to raise, and that you so generously gave to support our music. It is unbelievably disappointing for us to know that money that we raised together has been, at best, badly managed and at worst fraudulently taken will now be used to pay off Pledge Music’s debts. In our eyes the debt that should be repaid ahead of any other is the money owed to the pledgers and artists, those who built the platform into what it became and those who put their trust in Pledge Music.

We are so sorry to every single person who was kind enough to support our music and may lose their money. We trusted Pledge Music and thought you could too. Throughout the process Pledge Music have dodged questions and hidden away from the truth, they’ve never directly communicated with us to inform us of the problems. When launching our campaign, I emailed and even spoke on the telephone with members of the Pledge Music team at a time it turns out problems were already developing. They didn’t have the decency to warn us of the issues which were lurking around the corner and allowed us to walk into the situation we now find ourselves in.

This has had major implications for the release of our next album, ‘Rivers That Flow In Circles’ and at the moment we are still unable to confirm a release date. The record is completed and mastered and ready to go. It is heart breaking for us to have to hold back from releasing the album until we can clear up this situation. We are currently investigating our options to find a way to release the album and we aim to find a solution soon. We still hope to be able to fulfil your pledges, or at least go some way to making sure you’re not left completely empty handed. You paid your hard earned money, expecting a copy of our album or a piece of merchandise which we would love to say we can give you, but as we’ve been left in a difficult situation financially we may need to make some compromises. Whatever we do we will try to be fair and do what’s best for all of us.

Thank you for your understanding, it’s been a frustrating experience and your patience and support are greatly valued. Thank you to everyone who has complained to Pledge Music and fought our corner for us, we’ll keep on fighting and find a way to get this album out and put all of this behind us!

Ben, Michael, Lydia and Dan

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